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Insurance Coverage / Reimbursement


We have been asked by many patients for instructions on how to check eligibility for insurance coverage on our visits.  We are able to bill insurance companies directly, but some cases require different steps.  

Because we are an "out of network" provider, health insurance companies require that the insured call to check their benefits.  Before any claim is sent to your insurance company, we are required to get the claim pre-authorized before treatment is given.  


Please read below and see what applies to you!   



These codes are used for billing your insurance company for your office visit.  They are called CPT codes, your insurance company may ask you for this: 

  • 97124 - Massage Therapy
  • 97140 - Manual Therapy/Medical Massage
  • 97039 - Hydro Massage Table


Health Insurance:

To check eligibility, call the membership hotline on the back of your insurance card.  Make sure when you call that you ask for your “Out of Network” eligibility because we are NOT in contract with any insurance company at this time.  Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and other rehab care facilities also bill several of these codes, so you will have to specifically say that it will be performed by a Massage Therapist to get the correct eligibility. 


Flex Spending/Health Savings Account:

Some policies are set up with a savings account that comes with a debit card.  There is an amount added to the account yearly so that you can pay for prescriptions, office visits, or any other medical necessity. Some policies require that you have a prescription for the service or drug before purchase, so ask member services.  We are considered a medical facility so we can process these debit cards to cover your office visit.


Auto, Home, Workman’s Comp Insurance:

If you were injured in an auto accident, slip/fall, or injured at work, we will bill your claims directly to the insurance company.  They will require for you to have a referral/prescription from your doctor first before your visit with us. Once the referral is reviewed by your insurance company, treatments will be covered 100% per the prescription. 


No Insurance Coverage = Self-Pay Patient:

We do not require a referral or prescription for you to be treated in our office, its only required for insurance coverage.  We keep our service prices comparable to what a co-pay would be and we offer a wide variety of discount programs. If you do not have insurance, or if our services are not a covered benefit under your policy and you are using our services for pain and/or stress relief, you do have the right to claim it as a medical deduction on your taxes. Your visits at our office would be itemized with your other medical office visits.  


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